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Television gained popularity as an advertising medium the day it was discovered. It has always helped reach a mass audience. Televisions’ advertising has made a mass impact on its audience. It offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Flexible and convenient - Television can reach millions of people at a time and gives flexibility to its advertisers in their approach.
  • Impact – The combination of audio and video can be positively lethal when it is about long lasting impact. The color, sound, drama, visual and movements leave a strong and persuasive message to the audience.
  • Masses – The amount of coverage provided by Television is huge when compared to any other popular medium.

MarketShare, an analytics company, has found that TV advertising is one of the most effective advertising channels and has always delivered steady results. The reason behind a stellar performance is the amount of reach TV advertising has in the masses. TV advertising has also in many examples outperformed other marketing channels. Television advertising at any point in time will churn out a better result as compared to online display, print or radio advertising. Even though online advertising is gaining more popularity, an intelligent and wise investor will always adopt television advertising as one of the quantifiable modes of spreading brand awareness.

Despite the ease that an online platform provides reports have proved that Television advertisements make a quicker sale and business opportunities as compared to social media. Our research team strongly recommends that Television advertising is the most impactful and persuasive medium to incorporate in your organization strategy. The reason behind this recommendation is interest that television advertising generates and the impression that remains afterward in the viewers’ memory. Television advertising gives an opportunity to demarcate very clearly between genders and influence accordingly. Television is equally convincing for influencing children. By advertising through this medium, the business can aid children and teenagers take an independent decision on the purchase on the basis of the impact made by the advertisement. Rubik360 endorses this medium of advertising to be incorporated in the promotional strategy.

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