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Have you ever analyzed that despite good credential why you do not get interview calls? Why are recruiters not able to identify or notice you? Are you getting lost in the competition? Have your attempts to get desired profile or dream organized failed till now? A very simple and surprising answer to these questions is your resume/CV and cover letter.

Many people dismiss the need to have a professionally written resume/CV and cover letter. They do not realize that their qualification, work experience, and credentials are not sufficient to get hired. It is an open secret that recruiters do not have more than 10 seconds to screen a resume/CV. It is so obvious from the quantum of time allocated to a resume/CV that a badly written or unimpressive resume/CV will soon be floating down in the pile of dumped resumes/CVs. A professionally written profile will help leave a lasting impression on your recruiter. Resume made by experienced writers are free from any structural flaws or grammatical mistakes. This will reflect how meticulous you are as an individual.

In some cases, the profiles have to be tweaked to that a candidate qualifies for multiple industry, sectors or profiles. This is where Rubik360 can turn around the prospects of your getting hired into a different role or industry and give you multiple options as well. Professionals who are serious about making a mark in the industry must get their cover letter and resume written by us to settle down with a job winning profile. Our professional resume writers are adept at their job and make every resume look like a story of a Hero, who has extensive accomplishments and can be the knight in the shining armor for the company.

We recommend having a cover letter that is flawless to a tee to our clients. Resume restricts a profile in terms of sharing information and passion towards a particular job. A well written and crisp cover letter can help you get over this limitation. Rubik360 team could help you reshape your old cover letter or to start from the scratch as per your convenience. We do not write generic cover letters for our clients. We are not here to produce clowns but to write a unique history of an individual. Get your coveted cover letter that eclipses your competitors in four simple steps:

  1. Complete the Rubik360 cover letter questionnaire to introduce yourself and share your details. .
  2. Receive the first draft within three days
  3. Get back to Rubk360 within seven days span for amendments to be made.
  4. The changes are incorporated, and the final draft is sent to you. You may go ahead and conquer the world with it.

We are here to enhance your chances of getting hired. We write resume and cover letters that do exactly the same for you. An individual may not look the same and appealing in clothes if the size small, medium, large or extra-large. To look your best you go for tailor made clothes that fit you the best. Similar is the case with resume and cover letter. What a tailor made resume and cover letter can do for you will never happen with the generic version.

A good resume and cover letter are like weapons that can help you win a war. We help you write a resume that highlights your strengths and experiences. Our team of technical experts help to write strategically targeted cover letter and resume to bag your dream job. The writing assignments taken up by us are thoroughly researched and well written. A resume is a piece of paper that can make or mar your career. Many people consider cover letter irrelevant, but the feedback from human resource professionals from across the world has proven that cover letter is of paramount importance in pushing your resume to the top of the pile and your selection. We ensure that cover letter and resume designed by us are:

  • Precise and comprehensive
  • Identify with clients
  • Exhibits one’s passion
  • Sells your qualification
  • Easy for recruiter to scan

Submit Your Resume and Cover Letter

  1. Submit your resume on our website.
  2. The resume will be distributed to top recruiters and hiring managers after careful assessment.


This exercise will maximize your chances of landing up with an interview. It is not hidden that majority of jobs are not released on any of the portals. Companies prefer to send the openings to their trusted agency for quality recruitment. This is the point where Rubik360 can help to connect with your dream role and organization. We don’t make a dumping ground of resume of job seekers but take action to utilize their potential. We constantly review our database till the time we find the right match between the candidate and the organization.

Tips on Cover Letter Writing:

  • Mention the name of employer and their organization to make an impact
  • The letter should not mention those qualifications that are not relevant to the job opening
  • A letter addressed to a wrong person or organization is a red signal of how careless a candidate is.
  • The letter should be addressed to a specific person
  • Letter should not include too many common phrases
  • The letter should be precise enough to be read quickly as well as covers all your accomplishments and interest in the job opening.

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