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Referral program has always given positive results in any aspect of life. It is a way of helping people around you to reach a place they deserve in life. Our current clients can introduce us to their network for collaboration. Introducing people in your circle to Rubik360 can do wonders to their career.

Why refer your circle to Rubik360:

  • In the majority of the cases in the referral program, slow responses kill the enthusiasm of both parties. We communicate in a timely manner. Communication is very clumsily carried out in today’s fast paced life. We are thoroughly professional in dealing with candidates and clients. Rubik360’s culture is averse to slow responses.
  • We allow only right kind of people make referrals. We ensure that right and reliable people make referrals to that only qualified and genuine clients and candidates get to interact with each other to generate positive results. We recruitment is not about just filling a vacant spot in an organization.
  • We give very handsome financial benefits to our associates in case the referral is recruited by any of our clients.
  • Once you refer someone to Rubik360 their profile stays with us in our active database. It is the best way to stay saleable in the job market for the future.

How to refer your circle to Rubik360:

Refer qualified and suitable candidate -> Earn bonus points under referral program -> Incase of selection and successful completion of 180 days in the company -> Receive bonus of up to Rs 1,000 -> Refer more candidates and keep the earning cycle on

Refer a hiring manager -> Earn bonus points under referral program -> Incase of selection -> Receive bonus of up to Rs 1,000 -> Refer more hiring managers and keep the earning cycle on

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Rubik360 strictly employs recruiting professionals that have a demonstrated ability to locate and secure top-notch professionals in a timely manner. Our extensive network of recruiters combine to meet a variety of client needs. Whether your company is seeking to improve the caliber of existing sales talent or needs to build a team of professionals in a short period of time, Rubik360 is a full-service recruiting firm focused on providing results.


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Rubik 360, as the name suggests, provides you a multi-faceted 360 degree gamut of Media, Staffing and Analytics driven solutions. We do more than just cater to your needs; we care about them and nurture them, so that you are completely satisfied. We partner with you, be it to get staffing solutions, to market yourself through media and get analytical insights on efficiency in the organisation. We see your needs and accordingly offer you a solution set to get you ready for the success that you a...

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