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Effective media advertising is all about communicating right product at the right moment and medium to bring out conducive and impactful results. Sending the wrong message through an unfavorable medium may prove to be inimical to the bottom line. We help you select the “How”, “When’’ and “Where” for an advertisement campaign that would form the crux of the process. Rubik360’s media team helps to save your two crucial and priceless things that are always scarce: Time and Cost. Eg. It does not take a genius to identify the impact of Cigarette advertising in a female magazine in vernacular language. We help you identify the strategies to keep up the pace of your brand and achieve new heights

Media be it Digital or Electronic has evolved to an all new level. In today’s day and age simple physical marketing is simply not time and cost effective. Media Marketing allows you to take your brand to a global level with a further impact on the target audience, you no longer need to send an executive physically, you can enter the lives of your target audience to introduce your product and influence their choices. At Rubik 360, we can help you select which media will be most effective for you. We design a strategy and implement it effectively to ensure that you get the result that you were seeking.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a tried, tested and effective method to get your word out. With innovations in media and methods, email marketing shows a considerable growth in sales and brand awareness.
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Social Media Optimization (SMO):

Social Media Optimization is used to promote products in to mass level or your target segment, this is same as conventionally we use to talk about our specialties into our close friends/family and it gets propagated via their friends and then friends making a chain to a larger Group.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimisation is an irreplaceable tool for any organisation. The right optimisation for the right keywords helps create a buzz, spread awareness, introduce concepts and even make sales.
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Paid Search on Search Engines (Google Adwords):

Paid search on various search engines helps sure shot targeted marketing. For the related keywords, the right paid searches help get optimum visibility.
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Television Advertising:

Be it 10 years back or now, the TV continues to be an effective advertising medium. With effective commercials and strategic product placement, its possible to influence the choices of the target audience.
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Rubik360 strictly employs recruiting professionals that have a demonstrated ability to locate and secure top-notch professionals in a timely manner. Our extensive network of recruiters combine to meet a variety of client needs. Whether your company is seeking to improve the caliber of existing sales talent or needs to build a team of professionals in a short period of time, Rubik360 is a full-service recruiting firm focused on providing results.


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Joined Rubik360 in 2015

Kruti Services is Business Advisors and Outsourcing Services Our Focus • Customer Satisfaction We are dedicated to customer satisfaction by continuously improving our quality of service • Excellence We push ourselves to deliver world-class services, matched only by exceeding our responsibilities and surpassing Client’s expectations • Confidentiality We assure strict confidentiality of Client information and handle Data with utmost security • Integri...

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