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Email marketing can be a core component of your organization strategy. Email marketing is the only way to promote your initiative in a variety of ways. Email marketing is the most inexpensive mode of promotion, and you may say that you get something for almost paying nothing. Email marketing does not require more or extraordinary Internet speed to drive customers towards your business. The entire campaign can be executed in less than 48 hours. With emails, the tracking and feedback can be easily measured. Email marketing is an easy tactic to remain at the top of mind of people and spread brand awareness. Moreover, the data can be easily shared as it is just a click away.

An organization looking forward to establishing a strong foothold in India or UAE must collaborate with Rubik360. We have a strong database and network in UAE and India where Email marketing campaign can be executed in any sector, industry or domain. The database with Rubik360 is an ever increasing one where our clients can have the advantage of multiple opportunities. Our email marketing is a cost-effective and reliable solution to garner responses in a short span of time. We give our clients an option to send targeted emails to both individuals and organizations as per the strategy. The campaign can be executed multiple times to get a response from the target market. At Rubik360, we have a team of experts that will guide you through the campaign creation as per organization strategy, the objective of a campaign to increase the visibility of the brand and bring more traffic to the business. Email marketing is the simplest way to introduce your brand to potential clients and refresh the memory of old clients.

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Rubik360 strictly employs recruiting professionals that have a demonstrated ability to locate and secure top-notch professionals in a timely manner. Our extensive network of recruiters combine to meet a variety of client needs. Whether your company is seeking to improve the caliber of existing sales talent or needs to build a team of professionals in a short period of time, Rubik360 is a full-service recruiting firm focused on providing results.


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Rubik 360, as the name suggests, provides you a multi-faceted 360 degree gamut of Media, Staffing and Analytics driven solutions. We do more than just cater to your needs; we care about them and nurture them, so that you are completely satisfied. We partner with you, be it to get staffing solutions, to market yourself through media and get analytical insights on efficiency in the organisation. We see your needs and accordingly offer you a solution set to get you ready for the success that you a...

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