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Rubik360 is an illustrious brand and has a strong hold over recruitment industry. We understand the nitty-gritty and challenges in the business. Stalwarts in the industry understand the strong reputation that Rubik360 has built for itself in a short span of time. We as professionals understand how a wrong recruitment imbalances the equation of success. Hunting and hiring are of paramount importance for us. In our glorious career, we have presented to our clients the finest of talents in the country.

We have stringent assessment criteria for selection of candidates. Rubik360 evaluates the ability of the candidate to survive in the changed environment and measure the chances of success. In the process of this assessment, Rubik360 does not compromise on time and is considered to have the most competitive turnaround time in the recruitment industry. Our expertise and the extensive network have made us competitive to meet the demand of the most niche requirements in the industry. Our goal is to improve the performance of the organizations be it in any form. We train the already existing workforce to push their limits and contribute to the best of their ability. Whether the organization is looking forward to polish skills of existing workforce or needs to build a dream team, Rubik360 is the ultimate destination to turn this dream into reality.

How do we achieve this?

The key to hitting the right button is to know how and when to do it. Before executing a recruitment campaign for our clients, we conduct a detailed market analysis. We have adopted a three-tier approach:

Tier 1 – Gather information such as demographics, geographic parameters, a specific markets talent pool and targeted employment groups to identify qualified candidates. In addition to this Rubik360 manages a market specific online recruitment platform to reach out to active job seekers.

Tier 2 – We collaborate with various organizations, identify market trends and promote word-of-mouth marketing.

Tier 3 – The requirement is matched with targeted candidates and active job seekers. To cover a larger pool of talent, we reach out to passive candidates market to make them aware of the more exciting opportunity that exists in the market.

After successful completion of this exercise, the team at Rubik360 conducts interviews to provide desirable candidates to our clients.

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Rubik360 strictly employs recruiting professionals that have a demonstrated ability to locate and secure top-notch professionals in a timely manner. Our extensive network of recruiters combine to meet a variety of client needs. Whether your company is seeking to improve the caliber of existing sales talent or needs to build a team of professionals in a short period of time, Rubik360 is a full-service recruiting firm focused on providing results.


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Kruti Services
Joined Rubik360 in 2015

Kruti Services is Business Advisors and Outsourcing Services Our Focus • Customer Satisfaction We are dedicated to customer satisfaction by continuously improving our quality of service • Excellence We push ourselves to deliver world-class services, matched only by exceeding our responsibilities and surpassing Client’s expectations • Confidentiality We assure strict confidentiality of Client information and handle Data with utmost security • Integri...

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