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Rubik 360 offers its clients a unique opportunity to reach out to a targeted base of companies. We obtain the consent of our client as per their criteria, and their CV is mailed to a chunk of companies on the basis of parameters shared by our clients. Currently, Rubik360 has an active database of 100,000 plus Companies, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers. You may start exploring and chasing the hidden job market in collaboration with Rubik360’s CV blast opportunity.

For sending these emails we take into account the following:

  • Global demographics – Our clients can share with us if they are looking for opportunities at local, domestic or international level.
  • Profile – We have clear discussion and expectation set in our mind about the profile and experience of our clients as we do not believe in investing the time of both the parties in irrelevant deals.
  • Immediacy – The clients also share with us the time restrictions for shifting into a new role.

These resumes will be sent to reliable hiring managers on our list. So there is no need for verification and background check from a candidate’s side. This help you reach even those jobs that are not advertised. In case, your profile does not match the job opening at the recruiters end then the profile is kept in their active database for future reference. The CV blast approach has proved beneficial to our clients in fields of Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance, IT, Engineering and is still giving better results every single day.

How does Rubik360 CV blast help you?

  • Get noticed and stay on top of priority list
  • Helps you reach out to 100,000 plus companies, recruiters, and headhunters
  • No verification headache for candidate
  • Increased chances of finding suitable profile
  • Explore the pool of hidden job market
  • Stay in active database of recruiters

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Rubik360 strictly employs recruiting professionals that have a demonstrated ability to locate and secure top-notch professionals in a timely manner. Our extensive network of recruiters combine to meet a variety of client needs. Whether your company is seeking to improve the caliber of existing sales talent or needs to build a team of professionals in a short period of time, Rubik360 is a full-service recruiting firm focused on providing results.


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Kruti Services
Joined Rubik360 in 2015

Kruti Services is Business Advisors and Outsourcing Services Our Focus • Customer Satisfaction We are dedicated to customer satisfaction by continuously improving our quality of service • Excellence We push ourselves to deliver world-class services, matched only by exceeding our responsibilities and surpassing Client’s expectations • Confidentiality We assure strict confidentiality of Client information and handle Data with utmost security • Integri...

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